Miguel - Hollywood Palladium - 8/1/13

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Fri, Aug 2, 2013 at 9:50 AM

click to enlarge CREDIT: TIMOTHY NORRIS
  • Credit: Timothy Norris


Hollywood Palladium


Better than: Wine and candlelight

Miguel wants to love you. He wants to kiss you. He wants to hold you and make you feel like a woman. He wants to adorn you with his affection. He is also apparently, judging by his lyrical content and dance moves, DTF.

Hormones were thus raging last night at the Hollywood Palladium, where the new soul crooner performed as part of Bud Light's 50/50/1 event, a one day nationwide concert in which 50 acts play shows in every state. Louisiana got Big Boi, Alaska got Portugual. The Man. and Los Angeles got its hometown son Miguel.

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"Basically, I am Los Angeles," Miguel said at one point during the show, noting that he's the child of a Mexican father and an African American mother. If the San Pedro-born singer's ethnic heritage makes him an L.A. poster boy, so does his hipster fashion sense. Last night he was eastside chic, sporting torn jeans, a letterman jacket, a leather vest and a button down shirt tied around his waist 1995-style.

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He worked these layers, at one point letting the jacket slowly slide off of his shoulders while lusty shrieks emanated from the audience. When the jacket was gone he briefly lifted up his white t-shirt and flashed his abs at the crowd while smiling his perfect smile. (More shrieking, obvs.) His haircut was high and tight, and his aviators stayed on for the first half of the show.

click to enlarge CREDIT: TIMOTHY NORRIS
  • Credit: Timothy Norris
The man is good looking, to put it mildly, but if he were simply handsome then he'd just be another dude slinging cocktails behind a bar in WeHo. Fact is, Miguel can sing. Really sing. His voice is something delicious, alternating between a smooth falsetto (lusty shrieks) and an outright wail reminiscent of Marvin Gaye.

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Last night's set borrowed heavily from Miguel's 2012 breakthrough LP Kaleidoscope Dream. Some of the songs were kind of boring, especially the slower ones, but Miguel performed the shit out of each of them. His stage presence is magnetic and borderline goofy, like a 21st century Little Richard with a dash of Prince's sex appeal. This is to say that Miguel was a highly animated and utterly enthusiastic pantry dropper, smiling often, running back and forth across the stage, falling to the floor, and doing a sort of knee-popping modified running man dance, all with total commitment. He also did the splits, like, three times, and there was also a lot of thrusting. (And so much lusty shrieking).

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