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No Age & Tijuana Panthers - Santa Monica Pier - 7/25

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Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 9:49 AM

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  • Tijuana Panthers
No Age & Tijuana Panthers at Twilight Concert Series

Santa Monica Pier


Last night Tijuana Panthers and No Age performed a free show at the Santa Monica Pier, as part of the Twilight Concert Series, presented by MySpace. We arrived just before sunset, and chilly air was blowing off the water; people were either bundling up with a blanket or crowd surfing. The concert area was between the amusement park and the carousel building, and their were sponsor booths, including KCRW, who was giving away some awesome pins and key chains.

There was giant sculpture of a pair of sunglasses, and next to the sculpture was the designated drinking area, where those of age could drink Shock Top beer, look down at the beach, and play beanbag toss.

DJ Chris Zeigler kept the crowd engaged before Tijuana Panther's high-energy surf/garage rock kicked into gear. Security guards stationed at the metal railings separating the audience from the stage had to lean with all their weight in order to keep them from toppling over. The crowd surfing began, and beach balls bounced everywhere.

During their set, Tijuana Panthers played a number of tracks from their latest album Semi Sweet, and songs like "Tony's Song" and "Push Over" sounded great. Phil Shaheen's drums hit hard, the guitar riffs were as catchy and clear as they are on record, and the vocals from guitarist Chad Wachtel and bassist Daniel Michicoff weren't muddied in the slightest. The flow of the otherwise solid set was only broken when concert organizers got on the mic to tell the crowd that the fire department had issued an "ultimatum," and that they all had to take five steps back. We're fairly sure no one moved an inch.

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Between sets, we ventured down to the beach, where hundreds of people sat in the sand, listening to massive speakers aimed in their direction and watching the stage via a big screen monitor. Though police were near by, anything seemed permissible. Liquor of every color was consumed, and bits of broken glass lay strewn about the sands like strange glistening seashells. Couples cuddled, and tight circles of friends comiserated. Summer love and the smell of the finest local greenery were in the air.

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