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"We Know Each Other From a Past Life" and Other Lightning in a Bottle Quotes

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Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 4:00 AM

click to enlarge JOSH "CURIOUSJOSH" REISS
  • Josh "CuriousJosh" Reiss
The electronic music festival Lightning in a Bottle went down this past weekend at its new home at Lake Skinner Recreational Area in Temecula, hosting some 14,000 camping, sweaty, underclad people. With daytimes temperatures in the high nineties and nighttime temperatures damn near perfect, an intergenerational crowd enjoyed music, meditation, yoga, live painting, theater, healing arts, and something called "gong therapy."

It was all quite hippie; no corporate sponsors, free water, organic food, no security guards eagerly searching our bags for contraband. Attendees could even bring in their own alcohol. All of which may have been why everyone was constantly hugging and telling each other how beautiful and loved we all are (which was actually really nice).

But it also made for some pretty out-there conversational snippets, which sound pretty funny being taken out of context!

One woman to another, in line at the sushi stand:

The last time I saw her, she was taking a nap in the teepee with the shaman she met at the plant medicine workshop.

click to enlarge Random Rab performing on Friday - JOSH "CURIOUSJOSH" REISS
  • Josh "CuriousJosh" Reiss
  • Random Rab performing on Friday

Man with dreamy look on his face during Random Rab's Friday evening sunset set:

This is the sound of pure love.

Man during Emancipator's Friday evening set:

People here are so nice. I'm not really used to this.

click to enlarge Lucent Dossier's Friday night performance - JOSH "CURIOUSJOSH" REISS
  • Josh "CuriousJosh" Reiss
  • Lucent Dossier's Friday night performance

Young man with dropped jaw during Lucent Dossier's Friday night performance:

What! What?! Oh my god. Seriously? This is incredible. Se-ree-us-lee? Oh my god. This is so cool!

Guy to his friend after Phutureprimitive closed down the Bamboo stage late Sunday night:

You're never going to want to go back to Ohio after this festival. You're just going to want to stay and live with us in California forever.

Slideshow: Lightning in a Bottle 2013

Darryl Anka, during his Friday evening lecture:

The key to enlightenment, is just lightening up.

(Anka also calls himself Bashar, an extraterrestrial entity he claims he is able to channel after UFO sightings.)

click to enlarge 8947834.87.jpg
DJ Nico Luminous before launching into his Sunday afternoon set:

I'm dedicating this whole set to being grateful, because we have clean running water to drink and food to eat and legs to dance with. There are people out there who'd give anything to be able to dance. So let's dance.

Attractive woman wearing yoga pants to another attractive woman wearing yoga pants:

You look really familiar. I think we've had some yoga classes together, or maybe we just know each other from a past life.

click to enlarge JOSH "CURIOUSJOSH" REISS
  • Josh "CuriousJosh" Reiss
Young attractive blonde girl carrying a yoga mat and wearing a War Is Over t-shirt while waiting in line at the juice bar on Saturday:

I can't wait for the next year to go by so I can come to this festival again!

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