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Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 3:45 AM

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Monday, July 1

Crazy Squeeze


L.A.'s Crazy Squeeze (members of Stitches, Teenage Frames, Superbees and Richmond Sluts) hauled their entire debut album out of that rarefied moment when glam rock and pub rock were turning into punk rock, a time when every good song had a great guitar solo and probably a great punchline, too. In fact, to put this in true record-nerd terms, their self-titled, 12-song LP sounds like six classic 45 singles from 1976 all hitting at once. It sounds like a mélange of Dr. Feelgood, Eddie and the Hot Rods and Cock Sparrer -- covered here to great effect -- plus Thunders, The Dolls, The Ramones (check out "Younger Girl") and of course The Joneses, whose "Pillbox" and "Tits and Champagne" I'm sure Crazy Squeeze could play from memory. Essentially, it's rock & roll--you remember that stuff, right? --Chris Ziegler

Tuesday, July 2

Moses Campbell


L.A.-based, five-person act Moses Campbell makes the kind of ferociously unfiltered, happily raucous punk-pop that always seems to spill out from the strangest places. These are songs for and from the outsiders, the home-aloners and the people about to hit the RECORD button late at night in their bedrooms. Of course, founder Sean Solomon started this whole thing by recording in his bedroom. Although Moses Campbell are now an unstoppable rock-with-violin monster -- recent tracks come off like a maniacal mix of Meat Puppets and The Urinals, with legendary lyrics like, "She has a mind -- don't mess with it!" -- there's still a unique and unpredictable electricity just crackling all over them. There's also a new album coming soon, and I'm ready for it to shock me back into life. --Chris Ziegler

Wednesday, July 3



Before EDM there was Goldie, with his outrageous looks, his outspoken personality and his original music. The Alchemist: Best of 1992-2012 takes a three-disc retrospective look at the British producer/DJ's music career. A sampling platter of the drum 'n' bass stalwart's sounds under his various nom de plumes, The Alchemist goes from the gnarly "Monkey Boy" to the palpitating "Terminator" to the sci-fi-inspired new track, "Single Petal of a Rose." His genre-defying song of soul vocals and breakbeats, "Inner City Life," is present only in the form of Baby Boy's remix on the third disc. This disc is dedicated to remixes, both those Goldie has done for folks including Björk, Ed Sheeran, Garbage and Bush as well as remixes of his own material. The collected sounds are subtle, intricate and, indeed, timeless. Presale only from respectclub.la or ticketfly.com; no tickets sold at the door. --Lily Moayeri

The Stompin' Riff Raffs


In the Garage Rock fetish department, Tokyo division, expectations often drastically exceed bandstand execution. But pounding Japanese primitives The Stompin' Riffs Raffs have an engagingly legitimate gravity, one resulting from pure enthusiasm, readily evident emotional involvement and a high-octane mixture of guitar mangling and reckless rhythm wrangling. The three-girl, one-lad sensations arrive under the caution-free chaperonage of Frisco garage deity Russell Quan (of legendary Mummies infamy), an alliance that surely lays to rest any qualms. Expect a nerve-shattering dose of nonstop raw and raucous, uncut, old-school freak-o-phonics. (Also Thurs., July 4, at the Barkley in South Pasadena and Fri., July 5, at Viva Cantina) --Jonny Whiteside

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