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These Are the Strangest Hip-Hop Soda Commercials

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Thu, May 30, 2013 at 3:30 AM
click to enlarge From Tyler's Mountain Dew commercial
  • From Tyler's Mountain Dew commercial

Earlier this month Mountain Dew pulled its Tyler, the Creator directed commercial wherein a trash-talking goat in a police lineup (full of black men) taunts an assaulted women attempting to identify the perpetrator. Accused of both racism and trivializing violence toward women, it was another Tyler troll, and makes one wonder how it got past PepsiCo execs.

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But while it may be the most controversial soda commercial starring a rap artist, it's by no means the most bizarre. Here's our picks for the top five weirdest soda commercials in hip-hop history.

5) Drake for Sprite


From Kris Kross to KRS-ONE, Sprite has long utilized hip-hop's biggest stars to sell its soda. In late 2009, during his meteoric rise, Drake was asked not only to appear in Sprite commercials, but to reveal that he is in fact a lemon-lime-soda-powered cyborg. The concept in itself isn't bizarre, except for the creepy visuals of Drake's robot parts unhinging. Sprite used this campaign with pop stars all over the world, but this version is certainly among the weirdest.

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