Top 10 L.A. Bars For Day Drinking

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Fri, May 24, 2013 at 4:15 AM
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  • Colin Young-Wolff

It's Memorial Day weekend! What better time to practice that ancient art of drinking while the sun is still up. Actually, here in Los Angeles, the world capital of atypical work schedules, we need reliable day bars all the time.

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The impetus behind day drinking comes in two forms: 1) consuming liquid sunshine in the actual sunshine or 2) pretending sunshine doesn't exist. We're celebrating some of the former but mostly the latter. In fact, to be honest, we like dark indoor spots where no one we know is likely to find us. And hey, if they open early that's even better. So here are the 10 best L.A. bars that offer welcome respite from the cruel world (and are open by noon at the latest).

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  • Colin Young-Wolff

10. Prince O' Whales

The P.O. W. is for those days that you don't quite make it to the beach. Like, you get within three blocks and decide that it's just more fun to be drinking inside. This Play Del Rey institution has been buttressing the Ballona Wetlands for decades and plying locals with standard sports-bar grub. The beauty of the place is in exactly how homey and, dare-we-say, Cheers-like it is. $7 beer and burger special? Such a great way to start a day-bender. 335 Culver Blvd., 90293; (310) 823-9826

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  • Colin Young-Wolff

9. Redwood Bar and Grill

After an annoying pop cultural upswing pirates are getting kind of annoying, so it's better if you consider Redwood more of a Goonies bar than a swashbuckling one. Perfect for those days where you're all, "I'd love to get drunk at Disneyland in the late '70s, but I don't want to drive, be around people, or be at Disneyland." The food's "meh", but the drinks are fierce and the day staff seems oddly happy to be there. 316 W 2nd St., 90012; (213) 680-2600

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  • Colin Young-Wolff

8. Red Lion Tavern

While the weird mumble-crooning downstairs rules the evening, the beergarden rules the day. It's brighter than a basement, but not too bright and it's still got that Bavarian brashness that makes it a whole day spent wasted well worth it. 2366 Glendale Blvd., 90039; (323) 662-5337

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