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Prince - City National Grove of Anaheim - 5/7/13

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Wed, May 8, 2013 at 10:23 AM

click to enlarge Prince in Vancouver on his current tour - CREDIT: KEVIN MAZUR
  • Credit: Kevin Mazur
  • Prince in Vancouver on his current tour
By Katie Bain and Ben Westhoff


City National Grove of Anaheim


"Do you love rock and roll?" Prince asked last night. "Do you like your rock and roll funky, though?"

A Prince show is always a big deal; his passion and showmanship is Springsteen-like. Even better, his need to constantly perform is Dylan-like, so you sometimes get to see him in way too small venues. Which is how we found ourselves at the 1700 capacity City National Grove of Anaheim -- a small, bizarre venue located, essentially, in the Angels' parking lot -- just feet away from him.

He performed two shows last night, and we saw this first; he's wrapping up his Live It Loud West Coast tour, and he's performing with a trio of vaguely-hippie white ladies called 3rdEyeGirl (they're righteous).

Tickets for the show, Prince's first in the L.A. area since his 2011 extended run at the Forum, were a cool $200. It was mainly older folks, and lots of women, and they lined up early in the afternoon for the GA show. The first 50 or so got special wristbands that allowed them to stand directly in front of the stage, a privilege we were granted as well.

So we got a long, long, look at Prince. He's in great shape; we could see his form quite well beneath his black stretch pants. Perfect butt. We'd show you a picture but security was extremely extremely vigilant about the no-photos policy; seriously, if you even checked Twitter you were threatened with expulsion by giant men.

click to enlarge CREDIT: KATIE BAIN
  • Credit: Katie Bain
Prince came on at 8:30pm, wearing, in addition to the black pants, a leather duster, plenty of silver eye shadow and kohl black liner, and his hair combed out, glistening in the lights. In both sound and style, the show was Paisley Park on acid, with psychedelic imagery flashing on the massive LED panel.

The band rocked: Danish bassist Ida Nielson, Kentucky-born drummer Hannah Ford and Canadian guitarist Donna Grantis were dressed in leather and fringes, and Grantis in particular -- with her head partly shaved -- did a lot of the heavy lifting on the guitar solos. Prince has long surrounded himself with strong and highly stylized female musicians (Sheila E., Apollonia, Wendy & Lisa) and seems to have good chemistry with this current crew.

But, really, it's all about Prince, and the ease with which he starts a party. He's smiling at you and getting the crowd to sing along and moving like a ballet dancer, all the while performing a version of "Let's Go Crazy" that's quite different from the original. And he's got wind in his hair and rays of light projecting from behind him, and you want to be with him and be him simultaneously. His flawless guitar solos weren't showing off, but instead nearly always at the mercy of the groove.

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