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Fanatics! Updates from D.C. and The Rites of Spring

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Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 3:30 AM

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Fanatics. Presently stationed in Washington DC. I will be here for a few weeks, working on a documentary series. Contractual obligations do not permit me to elaborate at this time but when I can, I will let you know what I am up to.

I can tell you that I will be in the Hawaii Five-0 episode airing on May 6, I think it is. I was told today that it was going to air on the first Monday in May.

What is of the utmost importance at this moment is the music we have prepared for you tonight, or whenever are listening to this.

After our first major block of jams, you will see that we are playing a lot of Rites of Spring tunes. This is the Rites of Spring Demos that came out on Dischord last year, but I wanted to wait until Spring to play them for you. This was a tape that a lot of us had for many years. It took awhile to get all four members of the band to agree, but they finally did and allowed Ian to release it. I am not exactly sure when these demos were recorded. I am thinking 1984? I am trying to remember when I got the tape. It was either 1984 or 1985. Such a great band. I am glad that there is more of their music to dig. I was hard pressed to pick a single song to play, so I thought it wise to put the whole damn EP on. If you like what you heard, please seek out the release on the Dischord site or at a good record store and get it. It's on CD as well as 10" vinyl. Looks great and sounds great. A true time capsule from DC!

We finish our first hour with Teenbeat and Dischord records jams. Another Bloody Amateur track. Great record just released on Teenbeat. BA is Andy Comer who you might remember from the great band Tel Aviv. I love their two albums. I will get some of those tracks on the show soon.

I don't know how many weeks we have been at this but in our second hour, we unleash yet another great Hendrix track that could have been on that recently released album People, Hell & Angels. This is a rougher mix of "Peace In Mississippi", one of Mr. Hendrix's best tunes.

I wanted to play you the Big Brother and the Holding Company track featuring Janis Joplin right after the Jimi track to illustrate that while Jimi Hendrix is the man, he wasn't the only great guitar player of the sixties. Check out the tone and attack of James Gurley on the Big Brother track. You can almost hear all the tubes melting. What a player! He passed away on 12/20/09.

We pretty much stick to our high volume music, low amount of talking for the rest of the show, concentrating for the most part on DC area jams. I thought it would be good to play the "regional card" while I was here.

Check it out! Australia's very cool UV Race will be doing a show with Lamps on May 4 at Los Globos in L.A. I reckon we should get some of their tracks on the show. These are two GREAT bands, so go if you can. More info here.

And as the weeks pass, we can't seem to stay away from that great Marnie Stern album Chronicles of Marnia. She is a bright light and there's one song on the album that isn't a winner.

We close out with the Eddy Current Suppression Ring, which will hopefully inspire you to put one of their albums on and start rockin'.

You have a nice @#!&*! Sunday and stay fanatic.

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