Who Is Better, Aerosmith or the New York Dolls?

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Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 4:00 AM

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Post-Reunion Output

Aerosmith basically suck without drugs. Ever since they got back together they've been a pretty pale imitation of their '70s output. The main exception here is Done With Mirrors, their first album with the original lineup since Draw The Line. It's not quite what we came to expect from the Bad Boys From Boston, but we'll give it to them based on past performance.

The New York Dolls "reunion" is basically an atrocity. No Johnny Thunders, no New York Dolls. It's really that simple. What were they thinking?

Point: Aerosmith

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The Dolls are often credited with being the John the Baptist to punk rock's Jesus. This seems a mischaracterization. If anything, it was The Dictators who had all of New York slapping their foreheads and going "Duh!" before picking up a cheap Strat copy and banging out heavy metal thunder with dumb jokes. Some of their biggest proponents include Mike McCready, Mike Ness and Mike Stipe. Thanks, but no thanks.

Aerosmith on the other hand basically created the sound and image that later gave us Guns 'N' Roses, the last rock and roll band worth listening to.

Point: Aerosmith


The Dolls aren't without merit and historical importance. When evaluated merely on a musical basis, however, they don't really hold up. They're cool, of course, but they're not very good. I'll gladly trade my copy of Too Much, Too Soon for your copy of Draw The Line.

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