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Ultra 2013: The Fashion Trends

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Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 4:00 AM

Photo by George Martinez

By Liz Tracy

In terms of fashion, there's something so liberating about going to an event like Ultra Music Festival. Certainly, each year, some looks are more in and some are more out, but overall, there is a lax unity, an agreement, that you can get away with wearing whatever the hell you want. You don't have to attempt to dress like Alexa Chung, you can kandi or bro; you can just you.

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Even so, a few fashion statements uniformly trended this year in Miami. Here, the top seven fashion statements of Ultra 2013.

ultra face jewelry.JPG
Photo by Liz Tracy

7. Like Diamonds on Your Face

People's mugs are shimmering with crystals this year in downtown Miami. Face jewels add the perfect glamorous element to an ensemble, without the stress of potentially losing something valuable in a dusty field of ravers. Unlike wearing your grandmother's pearls, you can sweat these off and your mom won't hate you forever.

ultra makeup.JPG
Photo by Liz Tracy

6. Put Down the Glitter, Pick up the Leopard

We saw quite a few ladies who took the time to apply some seriously intricate makeup designs. While glitter (AKA the herpes of school supplies) wasn't big this year, we saw some delicately patterned lips and eyes. One lady in leopard eyes told us how to create this look: "You take any kind of eye shadow. You wet the brush, and you paint it on. Then you take a liquid eyeliner and you draw a whole bunch of parentheses around your eyes. And it looks like leopard print." Presumably, the same thing goes for the lips. We love it.

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5. Kapowski to the Max

Yes, Kelly Kapowski, the Saved by the Bell hottie, was honored on more than one person's chest. We kind of wanted to know where they got these T-shirts. The answer: Urban Outfitters.

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