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The Five Greatest Showmen in EDM

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Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 4:00 AM

click to enlarge Steve Aoki - CREDIT: JON HOOK
  • Credit: Jon Hook
  • Steve Aoki
This week's cover story on Steve Aoki attributes much of his rise to the EDM shift from wallflower DJs to over-the-top showmen.

World's Douchiest DJs: The Top Five

Aoki is not the only DJ to elevate the dance floor from the collective trance of rave's past to the kind of fist-pumping festivals represented by L.A.-bred Electric Daisy Carnival. Billboard magazine's Kerri Mason tells us that EDM is "not an underground experience anymore. It's a concert experience." And so, with Miami's Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival featuring the world's premier spinners, here's a rundown f EDM's top, big-stage showmen:

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Steve Aoki

Not to beat a dead horse, but this guy is killing it in the performance department. His "caking" -- throwing globs of birthday cake at fans -- is taking interactive performance to new levels, not to mention crowd surfing in an inflatable raft and the old-standby, Champagne showers. Who needs DJing?

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