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Here Is Some Adorable Cassette Tape Art

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Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 9:35 AM

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Paris-based artist Benoit Jammes makes darling art from old cassette tapes. Each precisely cut and painted piece is 100 percent handmade, and, the artist says, "hard work but so nostalgia!" Jammes' cassette tape series includes pop culture references (The Matrix, The Simpsons, Kill Bill), meta fine art tributes (Mondrian), and all sorts of other cutesy themes like: The zoo! And rocket ships! And luxury goods! The pieces are made from recycled cassette tapes including those by Michael Jackson and Ace of Base.

Check Jammes' work here and find additional designs and purchase information on his website. (While the actual pieces are going on exhibit soon and are not currently for sale, signed prints are available).

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The inspiration: Jammes: "It so happened that I found a bunch of old cassettes at home. I couldn't play them, but resurrecting them seemed like a good idea. It was sound art that became visual art!"

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Mondrian Tribute

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Homer Simpson tribute

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Kill Bill tribute

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Where do you get the cassettes?: "They come from my old collection and from flea markets, as these are objects that have become collectors items. This is also one reason for the success of the series! It really is in the field of emotion for many people, as cassettes are objects that hold so many memories."

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What role does nostalgia play?: "The nostalgia aspect is present at all levels of this project because cassette tapes aren't produced anymore so they become sort of cult worship items. And the topics I incorporate are also often part of time passed as well. I am pretty sure the tapes are happier now than in a shoebox."

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