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An Online Rave?! We Party All Day, At Home, By Ourselves.

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Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 9:48 AM

click to enlarge What an amazing Valentine's Day
  • What an amazing Valentine's Day
What did you do yesterday? Did you receive cards and flowers and chocolates and go out with someone you enjoy smooching?

That's nice!

But that's not quite what we did -- for Valentine's Day we went to a rave. If you didn't hear about it, don't worry, because it was only online.

The three day electronic music "festival" called Rise, organized by, finished up yesterday; it streamed on the web and featured sets by real life DJs including Knife Party, R3HAB, Arty, Deniz Koyu, Carnage, Adrian Lux, and Danny Avila.

We went. And by "went" we mean that we stayed at home and danced around our living room in the middle of the workday.

11:00am: This festival is on Eastern time so it starts damn early out here in L.A. Too early to rave though? Never. The only controlled substance in our body right now is lots and lots of coffee, and we're ready to get the F down to Bassjackers, and we've also got a hula hoop nearby.

click to enlarge The "club"
  • The "club"

11:15am: Getting logged into the site requires little more than choosing a username ("cookieburrito") and hitting enter. So much easier than wrangling all of one's festival buddies into a car and driving to whatever far flung place. This is better for environment, and it's also free, and all ages. That last bit could be annoying if we had to interact with anyone IRL -- but that's not the case here!

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11:20: "Getting past the bouncers," it says on our screen. (Cute.) And then we're in!

11:30am: This is already the third day of Rise, something akin to Sunday afternoon at EDC or Coachella when everyone is wrung out from three days of sun and partying. Except that we're well-rested, freshly showered and highly caffeinated. So bring it on!

click to enlarge This is how we started the day
  • This is how we started the day
11:45am: Bassjackers sound just like their name and we're tapping our feet and nodding our head. The atmosphere in our house isn't quite right so we turn off the lights, close the curtains, light some candles and throw some Christmas lights on for lack of any other high tech lighting options. It might seem to an outsider like we're setting the scene for some Valentine's Day tryst, but really we're just raving solo on a Thursday afternoon at our home deep in the heart of valley. Jealous?

12:00pm: Inside "the club" it's lot of bobbing head avatars representing the nearly 500 people who have logged on for this set by Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation. "Where is everyone from?" we type in the chatroom, realizing that it's impossible to make casual conversation at this party without feeling like an Internet troll. Still, people respond! We're making friends! The crowd includes digital ravers from East Asia, Seattle, Fiji, Chicago, Oklahoma and more. Honestly this is a fantastic way for EDM lovers who live in remote places where no raves actually ever happen to get their festival steez on. We would have totally done this all the time during our youth in Wisconsin.

12:15pm: For lunch we have a turkey sandwich and a beer, because what the hell, it's a rave!

12:30pm: The chat room is basically a place for people to "yell" all of the things they would if we were actually all in a room doing this together. Lots of "singing" happening, along with a ton of enthusiastic (enthusiastic meaning all caps) "cheering." LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOO!

12:45pm: A friend calls to chat. We answer. "What in the hell," she asks, "is all that noise?"

12:59pm: We realize we're not at all properly dressed for this type of event. And so we dig out some festival wear and end up like you see at the top of this post.

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