Touche Amore's Southeast Asia Tour Diary: "Little Regard for Our Personal Well-Being"

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Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 3:55 AM

click to enlarge Touche Amore in Singapore - NUR SYAFIQ
  • Nur Syafiq
  • Touche Amore in Singapore
Full of emotion and earnestness, Touche Amore's 2009 full-length debut ...To The Beat Of A Dead Horse was a walloping punch to the gut of the hardcore scene. Their 2011 follow-up Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me kept the jabs coming.

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The Los Angeles group's popularity has grown in large part to their relentless touring schedule, and last month they played in Southeast Asia for the first time. Vocalist Jeremy Bolm kept a diary for West Coast Sound of their visit, and here it is!

November 14th, 2012

Auckland, New Zealand to Singapore

This is day 63 [of our tour]. Our booking agent has always called our ways of touring "unhealthy" and jokes how we are "the dumbest band he books" due to our constant work ethic that has little to no regard for our personal well-being.

click to enlarge Touche Amore in Singapore - RIDWAN ZULKIFLI
  • Ridwan Zulkifli
  • Touche Amore in Singapore
We arrived in Singapore safely. The drive [to our hostel] was absolutely mind blowing. The city skyline at night puts all other skylines to shame. Some of the most outstanding building structures I've ever seen. It's so massive and just keeps going.

November 15th, 2012


The boys all get some Thai food and I find a place that has American style Thanksgiving food. Since we'll be missing Thanksgiving for the fourth year in a row, I decided to have my own in the food court that day.

We head to the local record store to meet the owner, who has been selling tickets and promoting the show as well. His name is Chan. The store is basically a glorified walk-in closet. He asks us to autograph a couple copies of our first album that he had brought to the store.

We arrive at the venue, and it is obvious that this show is going to be happening in a place that probably shouldn't have punk shows. The show is happening in Fort Canning's "Old Married Soldiers Quarters." Fort Canning was built in 1859. It survived World War II and is still standing strong today. It's a tiny room with no stage...the perfect recipe for a great show.

It starts pouring rain outside. Not like that random burst of rain that makes the streets in Los Angeles smell like wet gravel when we've been in a dry spell. This is tropical rain like I've never seen. It reminds me of the rain you see in movies about Vietnam.

At this point I see that Chan is selling our autographed LPs as "limited" records for twice the price we'd ever want anyone to pay. I'd be a liar if I said I was comfortable with it. But hey, he helped with the show and if the money goes back into his store, I'm happy to help.

We start the set and the room explodes. Though there is no stage, kids are still jumping off anything they can, including Tyler's bass amp. This is one of those moments where you realize you have the coolest job in the world.

November 16th

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Here is where we encounter the first of many bathroom differences. No toilet paper, just a hose. We [had been advised we should pack] a roll of TP each. Something tells me Americans just aren't smooth enough to [use the hose] without making a mess. I don't trust myself, so I'm sticking to toilet paper.

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