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The Identity of the Mysterious Captain Murphy Was Revealed Last Night

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Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 8:46 AM

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... Flying Lotus. Cue mass eruption. So much so that Nocando shouted yet again, "We don't want to end up on the news. CONTROL YOURSELVES."

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The warning wasn't necessary, because the crowd thinned after FlyLo left. Shame, because they missed Pac Div, the trouble-beset trio who just released their new album, GMB. We'll give Flying Lotus a little bit of a break since it was his first time performing as a rapper, but Pac Div put on such a polished, party-starting performance, my friend turned and said, "I wish they had come on earlier."

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Personal bias: I'd rather dance than bob my head.

The crowd: Regulars, but also, as Nocando said, plenty of "looky-loos."

Random notebook dump: Two tall freaky-fashionista types were being followed and filmed dancing, and then they got the bouncer to pretend to throw somebody out. Anyone know what that was all about?

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