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Meet V-Nasty's Ex-Boyfriend (He's Not the Father of Her Baby)

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Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 7:15 AM

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At West Coast Sound we loves us some V-Nasty gossip. (If you've forgotten, she's Kreayshawn's crewmate, formerly known as the white girl rapper who drops the n-word.) So when we heard that her ex-boyfriend -- a Brooklyn rapper named Magneto Dayo -- was making his debut with a new mixtape about which she was more or less the subject, we got him on the horn as fast as possible.

[Editor's note: Subsequent to the publication of this article, V-Nasty denied any involvement with Dayo. She says she's never even met him in person.]

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Turns out the work, due out later this year, is called The Maury Show, which references the talk show's infamous paternity testing! Dayo says that, as applied to him, this is both metaphorical and literal. "I say I'm the father of a lot of these artists because I wrote these songs for them, and I feel like I'm the father of their style," he says. "But, I also named it The Maury Show for the 'You are not the father' aspect of it because I was basically lied to that I had a baby on the way...she lied about a baby being mine."

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Attempts to reach V-Nasty for this story were unsuccessful.

We all know that she got pregnant when she was 15, but according to Dayo she lied about another pregnancy and claimed the child was his. When the truth came out it resulted in a bad break-up, he goes on, but nowadays it's all good.

"V-Nasty is one of the realest people ever," he says. "I'll say that. I'll do anything for her, that's my baby. She has a lot of love for people. She loves everybody. She's a tough cookie at the end of the day as well, but she has a big heart. I love V-Nasty to death."

She even shows up on his mixtape, which also features contributions from the DJ for Nas, L.E.S., as well as Son of Jor-El and Deranged. She appears on the track "Hate U (The Breakup)," which you can hear above. "There were little funny jabs thrown, it was all in fun," he says. "I don't want to throw her under a bus now, because we've made the peace and I don't want to start the drama back up. It was like coming together and making something happen out of that."

Dayo has been rhyming for about ten years, working largely behind the scenes and ghost-writing for others -- though not V-Nasty. The pair first met about three years ago, before she was an artist.

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