Kaskade Makes History By Headlining the Staples Center

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Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 4:30 AM

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World renowned DJ and producer Kaskade will be making history tonight when he becomes the first EDM artist to headline the Staples Center. What's coincidental is the fact that Friday's show is the official one year anniversary of the Hollywood riot that broke out after the DJ tweeted an open invite to the masses to attend his pre-Electric Daisy Carnival film premiere set.

That simple tweet resulted in police firing rubber bullets into a crowd of thousands but, according to Kaskade, also proved the power of electronic music. In an interview with L.A. Weekly, Kaskade discusses the coincidence of the Staples Center show occurring on the anniversary of the riots, how his current Freaks of Nature Tour is his boldest move yet and why he considers electronic dance music to be "the new rock and roll."

Congrats on headlining the Staples Center by yourself. Has it always been a dream for you to play there?

No. That's very anti-climatic [laughs]. I always just assumed this was going to be underground club music -- that we'd be relegated to the back rooms and just kind of do our thing there and make noise and exist in this space that got cool credibility and some recognition. I never really imagined it going to this height and awareness. The last time I was in Los Angeles was almost two years ago and I did two nights at the Palladium and they both sold out pretty quickly so I was like, "Where do we go after this?" I like to do one show and put everything into it. I'm really excited and honored to be the first electronic guy to go in there and headline my own show.

What's the best thing about the Los Angeles EDM crowd?

There are a lot of people who really love the music and I truly believe that the enthusiasm about the music is higher than anywhere else in the world. I think that's why so many European DJs live over here now. I also think that since this has been in the underground for so long that a lot of different tastes have been able to develop -- anything from drum and bass to dubstep to modern house music and electro. I feel like the scene is so big that it can support a lot of styles and flavors.

Did you plan your L.A. show to occur on the anniversary of the riots?

Actually, when we announced the date for the Staples Center, somebody tweeted back to me and announced that it is literally is the one year anniversary to the date of the riot. He said, "That is so amazing that you are able to plan it that way and get that date." I was like, "Dude that is not planned. That is so nuts!" So then I started tweeting, "I did plan that!" Messing around with everybody. It was definitely not planned.

Last year, your performance at the premiere of the Electric Daisy Film Festival started a riot. Are you still feeling any of the repercussions from that?

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