Punk, but, Like, the Pop Kind

The Top Five Pop Punk Bands of All Time

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Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 8:18 AM

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In the past couple of decades, it's hard to think of a more-maligned genre than pop-punk. (That is, except nu-metal.) But it's a shame, and as someone who spent a lot of time listening to pop-punk in his preteens, I can appreciate why it still resonates. And so, in honor of Warped Tour's recent passing through these parts, here are the top five best pop-punk bands. In general, the focus was on the ones that broke out big across the country, so sorry in advance to any hardcore, opinionated Yellowcard fans.

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5. The Offspring

You might not be the biggest Offspring fan, and their new music is getting bad reviews in some circles. But while it's easy to dismiss profiteering off wholesale teen angst, white-dude braids and endlessly petulant mall-jams, let's be honest: Every 21st century to-the-bones hardcore kid chewed through a lot of Offspring in their preteens. Americana had an edge to it, slightly rawer than the Green Day troublemakers or the MCR freaks. Unlike most of the other bands in their mold, The Offspring could occasionally concern your parents, which sent a generation of kids down a path towards scarier bands and increasingly strained familial relations.

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