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Chickenfoot - Greek Theatre - 6/10/12

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Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 8:35 AM

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Greek Theatre


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Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony apparently don't miss playing in Van Halen. Having toured as The Other Half in 2006, they formed Chickenfoot in 2008 with guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith.

Though their new outfit doesn't have the brand recognition of their former one, one should recognize she how critical the pair were to Van Halen's commercial success.

In any case, a night after Van Halen played their second show at Staples Center, Chickenfoot performed at the Greek to a much smaller crowd. But...

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  • Daniel Kohn
...that didn't faze them, not on the final night of their month-long tour. To the chagrin of those unfamiliar with the band's material, the quartet didn't perform any of Hagar's solo songs or any signature tunes from his and Anthony's time in Van Halen. But they delivered a crisp, 100-minute set much that was loud, yet tight. The band was clearly relaxed and comfortable on-stage.

Hagar, who is 64 (!), can still rock out; his vocals somehow sound exactly how they did in 1986. On-stage, the Red Rocker remains charismatic, and Chickenfoot feeds off his spontaneity.

Is their music fine art? No, but it doesn't try to be. As Hagar said himself, they're a good old-fashioned rock band who aren't trying to reinvent the genre. They stick to songs that showcase Hagar's vocal range, Joe Satriani's technically proficient solos and Anthony's bone crunching bass lines.

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