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Henry Rollins!

Fanatics! Henry Rollins' KCRW Show Tomorrow Night: African Music

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Fri, May 18, 2012 at 3:39 AM

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KCRW Broadcast #165 for Saturday, May 19, 2012

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Fanatics! Hello from Cape Town! Before we go any further, I want to say that hours ago, I read about the passing of Chuck Brown, the legendary Washington, D.C., musician, the founding father of go-go funk. He was 75. Perhaps next week, when we are all together live on the radio, we will play a little Chuck Brown to salute this great man. Let's do that.

I have done my first of the three shows here in South Africa. Last night was Johannesburg, and then tomorrow night, it's here in Cape Town, and then on to Durban, and then back to the USA. Last night's show was a great time. I have a really good audience in Johannesburg, and it was yet another good night. I am looking forward to the Cape Town show, that's always great as well, and I have never been to Durban before, so I am looking forward to that.

I am purposely under preparing next week's show to leave room for recent musical arrivals since I have been out here in this leg of the tour. I think there's a High On Fire album at the office that we definitely need to check out as well as some other things, so if you get a chance, tune into the show next week as I don't exactly know where it's going to go but it will be great, that's for sure.

Perhaps by now, your eyes have wandered down to the list of things we have lined up for your enjoyment. Yes, Fanatic, you are right as usual, you have picked up that we are on a bit of a concept here. A little bit of Africa tonight. I knew you would be OK with that.

I have been playing this set over and over in hotel rooms and backstage areas over the last several days and I'm liking it very much. I am really liking our African selections, and I must say, our Stooges/Stones pairing is working for me big time. The weather is warm, it's time to get out your Stooges albums, Fanatic! Raw Power is a great soundtrack for the summer months. I am lining up a listen to Eno's Here Come the Warm Jets when I get back to Los Angeles as well.

After all these great tracks, we come to the end of the night with some Oh Sees and a Total Control track. Total Control's Henge Beat album is a great one. Not all tha easy to locate in the USA but worth it when you do. I was lucky to run into an LP of it in Melbourne a few weeks ago, delivered by the band. Great stuff by a cool band that has definitely only warmed up. Looking forward to what comes next. Next week, we are going to listen to a band that features Daniel from Total Control, called the UV Race. Excellent band as well. Australia keeps delivering. We finish the night on a note of complete perfection with Flipper.

Fanatic, I think we have a worthwhile two hours for you here. I hope you dig muchly. Next week, get ready to go live and STAY FANATIC!!! --Henry

Henry can be reached at:, or follow him on Twitter @henryrollins.

Read Henry's tracklist below.

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