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Creed - The Wiltern - 5/15/12

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Wed, May 16, 2012 at 8:44 AM

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  • Daniel Kohn

The Wiltern


It's hard to believe that in 2012 Creed can still draw a big audience. Nearly a decade after the band's apex, they're still playing mid-sized theatres, bewildering critics who continuously underestimate the public's need for butt rock.

As one of the most famous bands that people love to hate, the post-grunge outfit blazed a trail for mediocre rock bands to succeed, ultimately killing off the genre formerly known as alternative rock. We all know the story by now: The Florida outfit's preachy lyrics and power ballads made them not heavy enough to be considered metal, while they meanwhile weren't beloved by hipsters either, making them outcasts of sorts.

Regardless of what the haters think - and there are still plenty of them - the band drew a respectable number of people to the Wiltern last night. On a tour billed as "2 Nights Live" -- in some cities, the band plays My Own Prison in its entirety and and Human Clay the second -- the Scott Stapp fronted group can still slog through songs like it's 2001.

Their workmanlike show, along with elaborate stage setup that featured a lot of strobe lights, pleased their fans and that's what seems to drive them, more so than winning over critics. Stapp still sounds like a third-rate Eddie Vedder and the band's songs have aged poorly; even if you sell 40 million albums worldwide, history can still be unkind to a band's legacy.

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