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Yes, Young Hines Is His Real Name

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Fri, May 11, 2012 at 4:30 AM

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By William Lamb

Unlike Young Jeezy or even Young M.C., Young Hines is the Georgia-born, Nashville-based singer-songwriter's real name. A harried nurse scribbled "Young Mr. Hines" on a patient info sheet after Hines, the youngest of seven children, was born. The name stuck.

The other thing folks tend to notice immediately about him is his voice, which bears more than a passing resemblance to John Lennon's. The Lennon comparisons make sense considering that Hines' unorthodox route to a promising solo career included a gig performing as The Witty One in one of the nation's top Beatles tribute bands.

And yet it takes only a few spins of Give Me My Change -- Hines' first proper album following a pair of self-released collections of home recordings -- for that distraction to fade as his own personality comes into sharper relief.

The record is almost dizzyingly eclectic, boomeranging from the White Stripesish blues of the title track and "Can't Explode" to the effortlessly catchy folk-rock of "Rainy Day" and the breezy shuffle of "Just Say No (Sometimes)." Hines also displays a sense of humor and whimsy about his unusual first name, using the moniker as fodder for the bluesy vamp of "Young Again" and the jaunty, semi-autobiographical "Forever Young," which bookend the record.

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