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Top Ten Metal Frontmen (and Women) Under 30

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Mon, May 7, 2012 at 3:30 AM

click to enlarge Front and center: Kvelertak vocalist Erlend Hjelvik
  • Front and center: Kvelertak vocalist Erlend Hjelvik
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Many of the most famous metal bands -- not to mention many of our favorites -- have been around for decades. (Some of them are even still putting out strong material.) For this reason it's easy to forget about the newer bands on the rise, sowing the seeds of their legend. Following the popularity of our top metal guitarists under 30 post from last year, here are our picks for the best young frontmen and frontwomen.

10. Mitch Lucker

Suicide Silence

Though he could leave the center of the stage more, Mitch Lucker's gangly body is a constant whirlwind of motion, and he displays a strong sense of confidence. This has allowed his band to stay relevant while other deathcore acts come and go without having much impact.

9. Jonny Plague

Winds of Plague

Born Jonathan Cooke, Jonny Plague successfully sheds all trappings of his Christian name whenever he steps on stage. Part muscle-bound bruiser, part metal hype man, his persona helps Winds of Plague stand out from the pack of other bands beneath the deathcore tent.

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8. John Strachan

Early Graves/The Funeral Pyre

Original Early Graves vocalist Makh Daniels set a high bar when it came to intense live performances. After his untimely death, John Strachan -- who is also vocalist for The Funeral Pyre) -- stepped in and has so far matched that sense of intensity, often ending shows as battered and bruised as anyone in the pit.

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