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Justice: Coachella Is Our Favorite Music Festival

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Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 9:50 AM

  • Christopher Victorio
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Justice keep a special place in their heart for Coachella. The Grammy-nominated French electronic duo have a sentimental connection with the event; when they performed in 2007 it was the first festival they had ever played, and in fact it was one of their first live sets of their career.

"We played just weeks after we finished our first record," says Xavier de Rosnay on site this past Sunday, while the other half of Justice, Gaspard Augé, nods and smokes a cigarette. Polite and surprisingly mild-mannered, neither of them seem concerned with the fact that they are about to go play for a ridiculously large amount of people.

"Coachella is our favorite festival," says de Rosnay, in a thick French accent. "It's so eclectic, not really defined by any genre." Indeed, the set they play shortly afterward is attended by a diverse crowd, uniting hard-core ravers lured away from the Sahara tent with metal-heads in jean jackets jumping with ferocious energy. Their smash "D.A.N.C.E." goes on for ten solid minutes, blaring through combination after combination of sound, their signature white cross pulsating behind them.

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