Ask a Teen Raver: What's the Worst Drug You've Ever Taken at a Rave?

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Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 3:21 AM

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Kerah Rose is a 19-year-old college student from Riverside and EDM aficionado. Ask a Teen Raver appears on Tuesdays in West Coast Sound. Send your questions to teenraver@laweekly.com.

Dear Teen Raver: How do u feel when ur listening to one of ur favorite DJs spin live? What type of vibes have u felt & why do some people cry? -Cynthia Espolt

Hi there Cynthia: Listening to my favorite DJ spin live is one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt before. So many emotions just pour out of me (including tears) and it's one of greatest moments I will never forget. It's like nothing else matters in the world, just me and the DJ. He's getting hype from me and the rest of the crowd and I'm getting hype from him. Dancing, moving my body around, singing, hands in the air, eyes closed, feeling the bass all over my body ... it's MAGICAL. (con't.)

The vibes are all great when some of my favorite artists have performed. Everyone is just as excited as I am to see whoever is on stage. Sometimes I even start singing with people in the crowd. Amazing vibes from complete strangers ... yet it's like they're not even strangers because we all have EDM (Electronic Dance Music) in common. It's a beautiful thing especially when a DJ drops your all-time favorite song. So many emotions run through your body you just have to cry sometimes. It's too beautiful not to cry.

Dear Teen Raver: I once wore a strapless bra to an EDM event and after 30 minutes quickly decided that it was a painful decision. How do you keep from flopping all over when you are only wearing pasties? Or rather, how do you manage the pain? - Bandeau Beauty

Dear Bandeau: The first time I wore pasties (mind you I have only worn pasties twice), was at HARD Summer 2011. It was really uncomfortable, I didn't dance and I had my hands crossed over my breast area for the majority of the night. I had no support -- apparently or else my boobs would be flopping every where and it just didn't feel right to me. Towards the end of the night though, I realized that my body is unique and I shouldn't be worried about how they flop around when I dance or just how it felt being that naked. So then I started to come out of my shyness and began to dance. I felt so free to be honest.

It sounds cheesy but being naked like that in public to me is not to get attention but it's a chance to express my body and be free with it. When HARD was over there was no pain anymore. I actually felt more confident and loved my body even more. Pasties are not for everyone though. Everyone has their own style and unique way of dressing to events. So if you didn't feel comfortable wearing a strapless bra don't wear it again unless you are COMFORTABLE with it. There are way more clothing options you can wear, love. Yeah they say beauty is pain but if I'm not comfortable AT ALL I just wont wear it.

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