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Top 20 Sexiest Female Musicians of All Time: #20-16

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Mon, Apr 9, 2012 at 3:30 AM

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  • Samantha Fox
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What we talk about when we talk about sex and rock 'n roll is often dudes, the lusty front men and axe-grinders who, perhaps, joined the band in the first place for the purpose of scoring.

But sexy women now dominate pop music, and the same mojo that's stuffed Mick Jagger's dressing room for time immemorial draws would-be groupies to female icons in the same way.

It just shows that being sexy is about more than looks. Nothing's hotter than a woman who can rock a mic, and we mean nothing; these musicians may have once been on our walls, but they live on in our fantasies. -Ben Westhoff

20. Samantha Fox

A pop star and model with some edge, Samantha Fox posed topless for a newspaper in her native London when she was still underage. She sold boatloads of records, but the boys of my generation knew her mainly from her risque posters for sale at the back of hair metal magazines. Though these adverts were tiny, and a thin black line blocked out the good parts, I'm certain any of us would have married her. -Ben Westhoff

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19. Grace Jones

A Jamaican-born model and muse of Andy Warhol, Grace Jones became a pop-disco siren in the '70s and '80s. She is the epitome of androgynous beauty. With her severe features, radiant skin, and lanky 5'10" physique, Jones rocks Reagan-era fashion hard, making shoulder pads and leotards look hot. And she wasn't afraid to take them off, either -- in 1998, she exposed her breasts at Disney World and was banned forever from the park. Yep, Grace Jones is officially too adult for the Magic Kingdom. -Linda Leseman

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18. Courtney Love

We get it -- she hasn't aged well. Still, back in the '90s she was setting trends with baby doll dresses and plastic bow barrettes in her hair. There's something about her raw, natural looks that appeal to a certain kind of man: The type of man who prefers a little sag in the breast to the plasticine perfection of silicone. The type of man who finds acne to be a little sexy and stretch marks to be battle scars. Not to mention the fact that there's always something more than a little sexy about a woman who's totally crazy. Oh, and she was a stripper. -Nicholas Pell

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