Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012

Last Night

Tragedy and Nails - Echoplex - 4/29/12

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Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 8:52 AM

  • Tragedy

Tragedy, Nails



Better than... the Bee Gees cover band of the same name.

Most musicians nowadays are accessible via Twitter or Facebook, making Portland hardcore/crust punk group Tragedy quite the anomaly. Since their formation in 2000, they have shunned interviews, photo shoots, and other forms of publicity. All of which makes their sold-out show at the Echoplex last night even more impressive.

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Leftover Cuties
  • Leftover Cuties
See also: East L.A. Backyard Punk Scene Rages On

Henry Wolfe, Leftover Cuties, Adam Arcuragi, Jail Weddings

A Highland Park living room


Better than... spending Saturday night in your own living room, unless you're naked and with someone special, in which case, yeah.

Irony is not dead, but it took a short nap on Saturday night in a living on North Fig, where Henry Wolfe, Leftover Cuties, Adam Arcuragi and Jail Weddings each played four, primarily acoustic songs for a small, quiet crowd.

The pop-up gig was organized by Sofar Sounds, whose mission statement reads: "We have created a movement which brings music lovers together in secret living room locations to hear some of the world's most cutting edge artists." On any other night this kind of gathering would be called "a house party with a few bands," but Saturday was all about meticulous genuineness.

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  • Timothy Norris
  • Ice Cube
Ice Cube, Cypress Hill, Mystikal and others

KDAY Krush Groove

Gibson Amphitheater

April 28, 2012

An invitation to Ice Cube's gangsta nation is tough to decline, even for those on the right side of the law. Which is why at one point during the Krush Groove hip-hop concert on Saturday a yellow-shirted security guard at the front of the stage momentarily turned his back to a blunt-smoking, capacity crowd to accept a brotherly handshake from "the Don Mega" himself.

One the eve of the 20th commemoration of the L.A. Riots, old-school hip-hop station KDAY took a packed room at the Gibson Amphitheater on chronic-powered time warp to the days of the wild west, headlined by Ice Cube and his cohort W.C. ( that's Dub-C, to you). The under card, featuring Cypress Hill, Mystikal, The Pharcyde, Ras Kass and Masta Ace, inspired plenty of mouth-covered "Oh shit!" exclamations.

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  • Monica May
[Editor's note: Over the past week West Coast Sound has been speaking with rappers and writers whose work has been influenced by the L.A. riots, to coincide with their 20th anniversary yesterday.]

Jeff Chang is the author of Can't Stop Won't Stop, perhaps the most important book about hip-hop ever written. In the tome he explores West Coast rap through the lens of the riots (among other subjects). We spoke with him about how politics and hip-hop affected, and were affected by, the riots.

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Drawings Of Rappers, Made By My Sons

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Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 3:30 AM

That's a picture of Tyler, the Creator that my one of my twin sons drew. Why did he draw a picture of Tyler, the Creator, you ask?

Well, see, when you're a parent (if you're a good one, at least), you spend no small amount of time worrying. When the kid is a baby, a lot of it involves putting bumpers on sharp edges and whatnot. It seemed like the only thing my boys ever wanted to do once they began crawling was gouge their fucking eyes out on tabletop corners.

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Over the past week, West Coast Sound has brought you interviews with local rappers whose music and lives have been profoundly affected by the L.A. riots.

Today we present all of them together, beginning with a rare video of Tupac Shakur (above) giving his thoughts on the riots, a week after they happened.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012

Last Night

Opeth, Mastodon, Ghost - Gibson Amphitheatre - 4-26-12

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Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 9:51 AM

  • Mastodon

Opeth, Mastodon, and Ghost

Gibson Amphitheatre


Better than...being stuck in a Tenth Avenue Freeze Out.

We had a bit of trepidation about seeing Mastodon live last night. We've seen them put on a great show, we've seen them put on a lackluster show; you never know for sure which Mastodon you are going to get. Luckily tonight, the crowd at Gibson Amphitheatre got the awesome Mastodon.

Metal fans were psyched when it was announced that Mastodon and Opeth -- two of the most powerful forces in modern metal -- were joining up for a co-headline tour. Many of those fans rejoiced yet again when it was announced that the opener would be Swedish occult-rockers Ghost.

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KCRW Broadcast #162 for Saturday, April 28, 2012

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Hard to Find

Fanatics! Hello from beautiful Sydney, Australia. I am a few hours away from another show here. I have been finding some great records here that will find themselves in our upcoming shows over the summer. I think you're going to like what we will be laying on you in the weeks and months upcoming!

In our first hour, we will be rocking some serious guitar heavy hitters. If you look down the list, it's all heavy weight all the way through but you will notice something conceptual in the second part of our show.

Now, in tonight's second hour, we have a very special record we will be playing for your in its entirety. A side project of our good pal J Mascis called Heavy Blanket will be releasing their first and perhaps only album on May 8. Visit J Mascis' site for more information.

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Springsteen with Steven Van Zandt - TIMOTHY NORRIS
  • Timothy Norris
  • Springsteen with Steven Van Zandt
See also: Our Springsteen slideshow

We've been watching Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band play in concert for decades, and it seems as if he and his crew get better with every tour. How? With few rare exceptions, aren't rockers supposed to kind of get stale once they get older?

Whether it's today's troubled zeitgeist or solid new material from the album Wrecking Ball or the recent passing of longtime saxophonist Clarence Clemons, Springsteen was inspired and inspiring in a nearly three-hour show, once again making fans at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena true believers in the power of rock 'n' roll.

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[Editor's note: All this week West Coast Sound is speaking with rappers and writers whose work has been influenced by the L.A. riots, to coincide with their 20th anniversary on April 29.]

See also: Murs On Why He Moved To Arizona: "I wouldn't feel comfortable living here without owning a firearm"

Murs is one of the most important and uniquely Los Angeles rappers working, even though he now lives in Arizona. Having made it a point to critique violence in hip-hop throughout his career, he naturally has very strong feelings about the subject of the riots. He spoke to us about the impact they've had on his music and his life.

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