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Skrillex Opens Grillex, the First Dubstep-Themed Food Truck

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Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 11:45 PM

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Lines stretched for blocks in northeast L.A. last night as fans jostled to get a taste of the latest Skrillex project -- a literal taste, that is, of the diminutive dubstep pioneer's new mobile culinary lab, Grillex.

The Grammy-winning L.A. native Skrillex (born Sonny Moore) launched Grillex to minimal initial fanfare, keeping it mostly a secret until yesterday afternoon, when the truck rolled up to the corner of Echo Park Avenue at Sunset and tweets piled upon tweets, prompting a rush of mostly black-clad superfans to get their hands on his new creations.

What spurred the temporary shift from DJ to Grill-J? We asked the man himself as he hustled and hopped in front of a pair of searing griddles.

"I figured, why not? Y'know? I've gotta try a new challenge right now," Skrillex said. "Growing up, I cooked a lot at home ... I mean, I spent a lot of time with a spatula and grill tongs, almost as much time as I did with decks and records. I've got a real passion for it, y'know what I mean? I think, like, 60% of these things fail in the first few months ... might as well give it a shot."

"Shit yeah! The pierogies fuckin' rule, dude," added a satisfied hard-charging customer, referring to his pile of grilled cheddar pierogies slathered with Sriracha and kimchi (aka The Ched-mau5).

Not everyone's mind was effectively blown, however. We found some naysayers among the hordes.

"Everything's just a little too weird and greasy and, like way overpriced ... maybe a bit overrated?" reported Willow Martigan, a 23-year-old Echo Park resident.

After a few hours of waiting, we made it to the front of the line.

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