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Metalachi Combines Heavy Metal and Mariachi. Strippers Love Them

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Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 4:30 AM

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When he arrives at VIP Showgirls Gentlemen's Club in Hollywood, Metalachi trumpet player El Cucuy is told that there's no liquor license, and that the non-alcoholic beverages cost six bucks. He doesn't seem to mind.

"Does that include chi-chi milk?" he asks. The woman behind the counter laughs. The answer is no.

Tonight he's clad in face paint, a gray wig and a sombrero. This is pretty much par for the course for Metalachi, a Hollywood-based quintet that performs mariachi versions of popular heavy metal songs such as Dio's "Rainbow in the Dark," Europe's "The Final Countdown" and Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train."

Metalachi's members refuse to explain their real story, or reveal their real names. They've come in costume to disguise their identities, and say their band is comprised of five brothers originally from Juarez, Mexico. It seems accurate to say that they're seasoned mariachis who just so happen to have a love of classic heavy metal seems accurate, however.

"Nobody can do we we do," says violinist Maximilian "Dirty" Sanchez. "People come because we give (both genres) respect. They don't expect a a high level of talent, especially from mariachis."

The group members in attendance tonight -- who also include Sanchez and lead singer Vega de la Rockha -- are certainly receiving their fair share of attention from the dancers here at the club. (Bassist Poncho Rockafeller and guitarist Ramon Holiday aren't on hand.)

And why not? It's 9 p.m. on a Thursday and the employees outnumber customers by three-to-one ratio. But the truth is that the three men wearing flashing sombreros, wigs and sunglasses draw some attention wherever they go.

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