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Interview With a Raver Who Wears Electrical Tape on Her Boobs

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Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 8:59 AM

click to enlarge Ciara Mimms, left - PHOTO BY ROSELLE CHEN
  • Photo by Roselle Chen
  • Ciara Mimms, left
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Ciara Mimms is perhaps the L.A. area's most devoted raver, in an area crammed with them.

The 18-year-old high school senior lives in San Bernardino County, but spends her free time in the city at clubs like The Avalon and The Music Box. She takes her EDM seriously, and making costumes for the parties she attends is like a part-time job.

After we featured a picture of her styling at Hard Summer (right) in our post about how snow was possible for Beyond Wonderland last weekend, Mimms herself responded in the comments section.

"wowww :) I look good in that picture <3 so does my besfriend!" she wrote, referring to her longtime homie on the right, Kerah Rose, who is 19.

Seeing as she reads West Coast Sound, we couldn't resist asking Mimms what her parents think of her outfits, how she stays warm wearing only electrical tape, and other pressing questions.

click to enlarge COURTESY OF CIARA MIMMS
  • Courtesy of Ciara Mimms
So, how was Beyond Wonderland?

It was awesome.

It didn't snow, right?

No, there was just steady rain.

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How often do you go to raves?

All the time, too many, I'm addicted. As many as are going on. I go to every Insomniac event, I go to see DJs at clubs. It's ridiculous.

What artists do you like?

I like Dirty South, Skrillex, Emalkay, Laidback Luke, A-Trak, John Digweed, Sidney Samson, Steve Aoki.

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Do you like dubstep?

I'm really a house head. I like dubstep, I like trance a little bit, I like progressive house.

What do your parents think about your rave obsession?

My mom knows [that I go], she's so excited every time I go. She doesn't go, but Kerah's mom went with us to Beyond Wonderland. That was her first rave. We had so much fun, she was like, "I want to go to more."

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