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DJ Gets Death Threats for Playing Dubstep

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Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 9:57 AM

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This weekend, L.A.-based DJ Fei-Fei Wang performed at Armin Van Buuren's trance party at the Beyond Wonderland rave. Within hours of her set, her Facebook wall was plastered with personal attacks. People were calling her a "dirty whore" and saying things like "Someone take a shotgun to Fei-Fei." Why? The DJ, dubbed the "bad girl of EDM," had played dubstep and other music that wasn't trance during her set.

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We talked with Wang -- who has a masters in film production from USC and has been a DJ for over ten years -- to get her take.

What sparked the controversy this weekend?

Beyond Wonderland includes all kinds of music. This particular one, Armin was hosting his A State of Trance party. I did play trance, along with dubstep, moombahton, and a little hip hop [listen to her full set]. My style is very diverse and all the people there were totally into it. I'm a DJ; I play to the crowd.

So who were the people writing all the hateful stuff?

The show was broadcast on his site. Millions of Armin fans tuned in and they were the most upset. It's a huge party, and I was honored to be included. They were waiting for trance. I come on and take 'em for a ride. My set was unexpected, yes, but I didn't think I was gonna be receiving death threats on my Facebook. That's harsh.

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Tiesto called you "the bad girl of EDM," and you're known for busting stereotypes. Is not sticking to the script your style?

I used to produce tech trance, and all my last few release have been dubstep. I'm sure Armin knows. They were like, "Tell me about your new style," and I said something about doing away with genre, period. After my set that night [in an interview], he said, "Describe your style," and I said, "Good music is good music. I play whatever the fuck I wanna play," and we both laughed! I don't think he was surprised, he knows what music I play. Why is it a slap in the face [to these angry fans]? I was just being me. And I applaud Armin for bring me to the party.

Do you think trance is dead?

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