Top 20 Sexiest Male Musicians of All Time

Top 20 Sexiest Male Musicians of All Time: #20-16

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Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 4:00 AM

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  • Denny Renshaw
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Physical appearance actually has little to do with sexiness. Sure, we've all been known to stare at a shirtless dude, but to give us whiplash he needs to arouse our minds. Whether it's a sidelong glance, the hint of a smile, a swagger that piques our curiosity or just the way he flicks his cigarette, these musicians make us sweat for more than just their looks. Is he sensitive and intelligent? Doesn't give a fuck? Or does he just play really loooooonnng shows? Obviously, a mysterious man whose eyes smoldering with untold pain is like a magnet. Oh, and hip-swiveling ability doesn't hurt, either. -Rebecca Haithcoat

20. Sufjan Stevens

Collegiate good looks, dark hair and a fresh face won't land you on this list by themselves. What makes Sufjan Stevens worthy is his unquenchable curiosity. Whether it's reimagining Bible stories or being enamored with a schizophrenic artist in Louisiana who believes his wife is possessed by aliens, no subject is too obscure. Stevens' could turn a moldy, rain soaked cigarette butt into a profound ballad. Oh did I mention he's got his own successful record label, Asthmatic Kitty? It's enough to make anyone weak in the knees. -Molly Bergen

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19. Buddy Holly

With the help of his strong chin, high cheekbones and earnest, Texas smile, the rockabilly heartthrob managed to make 20-800 vision and (apparent) Restless Leg Syndrome sexy. It was confidant way he embraced his quirks: owning those bold glasses and maintaining that distinctive stance -- one leg anchored, the other violently shaking along with rise and fall of his hiccupping staccato style -- that made Peggy Sue, and all the other girls, swooOOoon. -Tessa Stuart

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18. Henry Rollins

Rollins has sported many looks over the years. DC hardcore kid. Long-haired heavy metal poet. Punk rock elder statesmen. He's always worn his looks with a style and brooding sexuality. Forget his gym rat body or his rugged, masculine good looks, Rollins two things going for him that are way sexier: Intelligence and attitude. Because, really, what's sexier than a smart guy with zero tolerance for bullshit? Maybe one who also has the drive and purpose of a man who knows every day might be his last. -Nicholas Pell

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