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Brenmar: His Goal as a DJ Is to Get You Laid

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Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 5:00 AM

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  • Antwan Duncan
Some songs you think only you like. But then a DJ plays them, and your allegiance is forever sealed. That's what happened to me when Brenmar spun Supa Blanco's slurry Southern underground anthem "I Bet I Do" while opening for Iggy Azalea recently. In fact, he stole the spotlight from the rising female rapper by catering to the rest of the women in the crowd.

"Always pay attention to the ladies," the New York-based DJ, who plays Mustache Mondays tonight, says over tea at Silverlake's LA Mill café. "If the girls are having fun, the guys will always have fun. Get the girls excited first and it's a wrap. I want people to go home afterward and get laid. I want people to hook up at the club."

Brenmar's philosophy was definitely in play at the Azalea show. Secure the girls with some slinky R&B, throw in a cut for the fellas, then sneak in some completely off-the-wall shit, like ghetto house and juke, Jersey club, or African house. "All you're gonna remember is that DJ playing the song you loved when you were 17 or some weird remix that blew your mind. It doesn't matter how dope your blends are if what you're playing is boring," he says.

Boring is not how one would describe Brenmar, an intelligent 26-year-old born William Salas. In conversation, his mind races from one thought to the next, and he makes interesting his anecdotes on everything from his seven-month intensive study of chess to a history lesson on America's appropriating of dubstep -- "we like it fast and hard."

He grew up in Chicago obsessed with video games, super heroes and skateboarding. Acquiring his first set of turntables at age 14 ("some shitty Geminis and a shitty mixer"), he paused his music making when he was 16 to dedicate his time to winning high school chess competitions. "I find something I really like to do and I do it a lot," he explains.

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