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Snoop and Bishop Don "Magic" Juan on the History of Pimp Cups

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Fri, Mar 9, 2012 at 4:12 AM

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In this week's cover story, we trace the colorful history of hip hop's most interesting accessory, the pimp cup. These bedazzled chalices, popularized by Snoop Dogg and Lil Jon, are actually prayed over by a church-going Chicago lady named Debbie the Glass Lady.

At the center of the story is pimp-turned-preacher Bishop Don "Magic" Juan -- who has some two dozen children, and once had a stable of 11 women. We chatted with Bishop, his "spiritual advisor" Snoop Dogg, and Debbie about the cups; here are the best clips that didn't make the story.

On his friendship with Snoop:

Bishop: "Like I said, it's been something like 12 years now, and me and Snoop been together almost every week ... It become a real tight bond ... It's an amazing relationship and we friends above business. Snoop don't have to call me everyday for me to know I am his main man. I don't have to call him. Our friendship is already something made in heaven. We just have to enjoy it together."

On his conversion to Christianity after a decade of pimping

Bishop: "It was something like, they figured it was like Paul's testimony ya know, like persecuting the church and then really gung ho for the church. So, a lot of people didn't believe. Some did believe though but that wasn't my concern. My concern was just to get my life right and that's what God wanted."

On helping others (including Snoop Dogg) find faith:

Bishop: "This is the thing about it. You can take my word to the bank kind of thing. When God showed me a vision, I told them it's going down. What's going down here, with the words that I created like Chuuuch. Preach. Tabernacle. It's the only way we gonna get any action. So them words are spiritual words. Ya know what I mean? You can get no hardcore dope dealer, or no pimp, or nobody up there in high places, no movie stars, to say everyday 'God Bless you'."

On the role the cups play for pimps and players:

Bishop: "The cup is part of the criteria of the pimp and the players. This is mandatory. The first thing, if you become a pimp or player, the first thing you want to acquire is a beautiful girl, you wanna know how to get money, you wanna fancy car, you want jewelry, you want sharp clothes. You definitely want a 'Debbie the glass lady' glass."

On how to join the Famous Players Club:

Bishop: "I get to know you, and you down in your game and say things I like, and me bein' the chairman of the board and I got the right to present you with a card. There are applications too and they fill out applications."

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