2012 Grammys: The Best, the Worst and the Weirdest

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Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 9:00 AM

click to enlarge Drake's after-party - REBECCA HAITHCOAT
  • Rebecca Haithcoat
  • Drake's after-party
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Adele won everything. Kanye didn't show. Nicki Minaj out-Gaga'ed Gaga by showing up with a Pope imitator as her escort. Shouldn't he have led the prayer for Whitney Houston? Beyond that, here are our picks for the best and worst of the night.

Person Most Likely to Be Mistaken for a Tranny:

Bruno Mars, whose performance makeup is the best recommendation for airbrush foundation out there. But he kind of redeemed himself for pretending to throw a tantrum when he lost Best Pop Solo Performance to Adele.

Best Unintentional Commentary:

Amy Winehouse's mother's when she saw Fergie's dress.

Tweeter of the Night: Diplo

"Damn I wish I put money on these opera Grammys. Some serious upsets right now." "I've spent most of the Grammys at Staples Center California Pizza Kitchen talking to cougars."

Borderline Asshole Acceptance Speech: Justin Vernon of Bon Iver

We wanted Nicki Minaj to win Best New Artist, but it went to Bon Iver, who told us, "When I started to make songs, I did it for the inherent reward of making songs." Blah blah get off the stage.

Most Surprised to Win: Skrillex

Hand shaking, he read his thank yous off his phone and reminisced about living in a decrepit warehouse downtown. "Shoutout to the entire EDM community. I think Justice's Cross should've won a Grammy, I think Daft Punk should've won a Grammy, but ... All the boats rise with the water, so I'm gonna quit talking now."

On his third win, for Best Dance/Electronica Album: "Stop! I don't know what else to say! This is the most surreal day of my life. I don't really think I deserve this, so thank you."

Category that Should Have Been: Best Grammy Pompadour

Contenders included Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, Taraji P. Henson and Nicki Minaj's wig.

Worst Performance We Wanted to Be Good Because Fuck Self-Righteous People: Chris Brown, "Turn Up the Music"/"Beautiful People"

Did he just do his stair-running workout? But hey, Breezy, that outrage over your being allowed to perform? Everybody's apparently forgiven and forgotten Sean Penn's repeatedly beating the shit out of Madonna, so give it a few years, adopt a liberal political stance, and you'll receive a standing ovation soon, too.

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