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Iggy Azalea - Dim Mak Studios - 2/7/12

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Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 8:31 AM

click to enlarge REBECCA HAITHCOAT
  • Rebecca Haithcoat
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Iggy Azalea

Dim Mak Studios


The rumbling began in September when Perez Hilton posted the video for Iggy Azalea's "Pu$$y." In a rainbow-striped tube top and lemon sorbet-colored leggings, the Australian glamazon rapper spoke on tasting her "Skittles." Within a few months, she was seemingly everywhere; she released a mixtape, signed with Interscope, and announced that T.I. is executive producing her debut album.

She even invented a new nationality ("Azaleans") for her fans and confirmed rumors of dating another music-blog darling, A$AP Rocky. No wonder her show last night came close to spinning out of control. There were arrests. There were purses stolen. Two girls got in a fight.

click to enlarge She made it rain - REBECCA HAITHCOAT
  • Rebecca Haithcoat
  • She made it rain
A sense of restlessness kicked in around midnight, a sure sign trouble was brewing. Doors opened at 9, and by 10:45, a throng of people clumped against the stage were throwing withering looks at anyone trying to push past them to get closer. Brenmar, a New York-based DJ and musician, saved many from boredom; though he began his set with house music, he quickly sized up the crowd and switched gears. Spinning a flawlessly executed hip-hop set with a few surprising twists and turns, he kept one eye on the audience, gauging their reactions.

Still, one guy was playing video games on his iPhone, a girl had plopped down on the stage and two other girls looked exasperated as they complained about the wait. No one came just to party. They came to see Iggy, and she didn't appear until 1:05 am.

When she did, though, the crowd went bananas. Like, dangerously close to Michael Jackson-type hysteria. One dude behind me started screeching her name over and over, almost crawling up my back. (He later was the only guy onstage for the "ass shaking" contest Iggy held, during which she flicked dollar bills at the volunteer dancers). Cameras flashed, arms flailed, 'bows were thrown.

Though she was dressed to dominate -- red pants, black boots and a bodysuit with Tupac's image emblazoned on it -- Iggy was much sweeter onstage than I'd predicted. She smiled and made every effort to connect with her fans.

While the demureness (nervousness?) was endearing, it didn't serve her well as a performer. Admittedly, her voice was hoarse, and she probably was trying to conserve as much as possible so she wouldn't lose it completely. But her hype man, not she, set the tone and pace of the show. In a symbolic gesture, Iggy repeatedly leaned on him physically.

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