Five Best Face Paint Jobs in Metal

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Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 5:30 AM
click to enlarge Immortal's Abbath
  • Immortal's Abbath

There are hundreds of metal bands that have made strong careers out of being dudes in black t-shirts. Having a killer look, though, can help a band build a legend before a single lyric is heard. Luckily, the performers below not only have the most awesome face paint in metal, they also have the songsmanship to back up their awesome images.

click to enlarge Behemoth's Nergal
  • Behemoth's Nergal

5. Behemoth

Guitarist/vocalist/band leader Nergal has built a reputation as a master of pure death-metal brutality. Appropriately enough, he does not get overly flashy with his corpse paint. The simple shade of grey he maintains is the perfect mood-setter for the darkness of their metallic mayhem. Nergal kicked leukemia's ass last year and he will kick your ass when Behemoth headlines the House of Blues in Hollywood on Wednesday, April 25th with Watain, In Solitude, and The Devil's Blood.

click to enlarge Turisas are prepared for battle.
  • Turisas are prepared for battle.

4. Turisas

These Finnish lunatics titled their 2004 debut album Battle Metal. Turisas look exactly like what you would picture a "Battle Metal" band to look like. The group accentuates their mix of thrash, power metal, and symphonic elements with a red-and-black attack that gives them an edge of bloodthirstiness. Their latest album is called Stand Up And Fight. Turisas will do that and more when they headline Paganfest USA at the Key Club on Wednesday, April 18th with pirate-metallers Alestorm and local metal upstarts Huntress.

click to enlarge Swedish occult-rockers Ghost
  • Swedish occult-rockers Ghost

3. Ghost

Led by vocalist Papa Emeritus, this group of Swedes look like they should be the most ferocious death/black metal band ever. Instead, their 2010 debut Opus Eponymous is full of the catchiest melodic '70s-style rock this side of Blue Oyster Cult. The band have cultivated a unique mystique with their look, but let's face it, Papa's evil pope costume would just look silly without the corpse paint to complement it. Play sing-along with Ghost when they headline the Roxy this Thursday night with openers Blood Ceremony and Ancient Wisdom (or on Thursday, April 26th when they open for Mastodon and Opeth at Gibson Amphitheatre).

click to enlarge King Diamond circa 1987
  • King Diamond circa 1987

2. King Diamond

While he has never strayed from his wicked brew of thrash and classic heavy metal, Danish metal legend King Diamond has changed his look a few times since bursting onto the scene with Mercyful Fate in the early '80s. We're partial to the above design, circa 1987's Abigail. Several days ago, he performed on stage for the first time since undergoing heart surgery in 2010. We hope that when he goes on a full tour he brings this look back. His most recent look was just a little too Cradle Of Filth-ish for our taste.

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