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The Bizarre Michael Jackson Handprint Ceremony

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Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 4:00 AM

click to enlarge Michael Jackson's Children and Cirque Du Soleil Dancers - BOB FREEMAN
  • Bob Freeman
  • Michael Jackson's Children and Cirque Du Soleil Dancers
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There was a Michael-Jackson's-kids sighting on Hollywood Blvd, yesterday, as his estate had his hand and footprint ceremony at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Access Hollywood's Billy Bush hosted the event, declaring it "Michael Jackson immortalized day in Los Angeles." Sounds official!

The best part were the stories; at one point Chris Tucker got onstage and said he once spilled hot chocolate in Michael's Neverland study. Ever the gracious host...

  • Bob Freeman/Graumans Chinese Theatre
...Michael told him not to worry about it and, instead, to just go play on a go kart. Glee's Harry Shum Jr. got onstage and said that he, too, was at Neverland and that he ate ice cream. Basically what everyone was saying was that Michael served a hell of a lot of sugar at Neverland.

Smokey Robinson wore a cream colored suit and red suede shoes. He was humble and gracious as he spoke of Michael. Smokey is the man. He has sunshine on a cloudy day. Quincy Jones noted that he didn't think he had ever been awake that early before, despite that it was already 12:30 in the afternoon. He's Quincy Jones. Does he really ever have to get out of bed?

He told Jackson's kids that Michael is looking down on them from heaven, "grinning like a fox eating sauerkraut." Do foxes eat sauerkraut? Quincy certainly seems to think they do. He made that same strange reference in his 2002 autobiography, at a Recording Academy luncheon in 2004 when describing Earth, Wind and Fire and in a 2009 Esquire interview.

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