Kosha Dillz: He Raps New Year's Eve at the Viper Room With Dirt Nasty

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Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 4:30 AM
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Kosha Dillz will have much to celebrate when he takes the stage at the Viper Room on Saturday night, on a bill with Dirt Nasty. In 2011 the New Jersey-bred rapper -- who now lives in Los Angeles -- did everything from performing on Yo Gabba Gabba! to collaborating with RZA and Kool G. Rap. He was even a freaking playable character on NBA2K11.

Currently promoting his latest release Gina & the Garage Sale EP and finishing his documentary Kosha Dillz is Everywhere, Dillz spoke with us earlier this week.

How have your experiences been different in the L.A. hip-hop scene, compared to the East Coast?

I feel like the competition is a different type of scene. East coast is very heavy influenced by [New York radio station] Hot 97, while in L.A. I see independent acts have their own billboards.

Your new EP covers everything from sweatpants (above) to garage sales. What's your writing process like?

I feel as if I cover interesting topics. Not like politics or world issues or love, but awkward nouns. I try to make people come out of their skin and feel weird, but still get the same feeling as if it was that popular topic getting covered. It's sort of like a narcissistic way of showing the world the best is yet to come.

Do you have a favorite New Year's Eve memory?

I was in Jerusalem and nearly overdosed on Red Bull in 2006. I haven't drank a Red Bull since. Other years I woke up days later or didn't go to bed till January 2nd. One time I even woke up naked in a frat house, with a girl.

Is this your first time performing a show on New Year's Eve?

It is actually. The best part is that when I take stage in LA, it'll be New Years in New Jersey so maybe the crowd can scream for them.

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