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Oghr - El Rey Theatre - 12/11/11

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Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 11:15 AM

click to enlarge Ogre and Bill Moseley scare up some noise - LINA LECARO
  • Lina Lecaro
  • Ogre and Bill Moseley scare up some noise

El Rey Theatre


Better than: Trent Reznor scoring a horror film.

Like so many industrial artists, collaboration fuels the fiendish sounds of Nivek Ogre. The same is true of his latest project, Ohgr, his group with composer Mark Walk. While Ogre's seminal industrial group, Skinny Puppy, is about the singer/writer/producer exorcising his demons in an aggressive, often horrific way, Ohgr explores theatricality more impishly, through movement and interaction while providing the sonic lashings and dissonance one would expect.

Ogre (real name Kevin Ogilvie) has played around with plenty of other musicians since SP's inception: Pigface, KMFDM, Al Jourgensen's Ministry and Revolting Cocks, and Trent Reznor too, but he's best when he's front and center. Like Reznor -- who was so heavily influenced by Skinny Puppy, it's pretty much accepted that NIN "ripped" 'em off, at least in the early days -- Ogre is a star that shines amid the dementia and darkness of his music.

click to enlarge LINA LECARO
  • Lina Lecaro
Props and embellishments for the show included a helmet, creepy Crow-like face makeup, and a blow-horn during the encore. There was even a pop-in from former bandmate Tim Skold and horror movie legend Bill Moseley, who came out a couple times to read creepy limericks and provocative prose about death and "porno chicks." (Ogre and Moseley worked together on the film, Repo: The Genetic Opera.)

Perhaps it's Ogre's dramatic turns of recent years that have re-ignited his stage persona. He had some captivating moves last night, and far from a troubled or tortured soul, he seemed, dare we say, happy. The black-clad crowd sure was, especially when older material was performed, such as cuts from Oghr's 2001 debut Welt and follow-up, 2003's SunnyPsyOp.

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