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Why Is This White Girl Allowed to Use the N-Word?

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Fri, Dec 9, 2011 at 9:23 AM

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Meet Anna. She's 23. She's hot. She's white. And she lip-syncs the N-word in breakout Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky's video "Purple Swag."

But this hasn't caused widespread condemnation. In fact, it only seems to have added to her appeal. (Maybe it's the lip gloss and gold grills.) In a recent interview with HipHopDX, A$AP Rocky gives his take on the issue: "She does use the [word "nigga"] all the time -- you know, she's cool like that. She smokes. She drinks. She's cool...she's sexy. She's cute." The reporter fawns over her as well.

These sentiments are echoed throughout the video's YouTube comments section. "Probably the baddest white girl I've ever seen" says someone called 99wylie. "The white girl is dope," adds Biitchimballin93.

If all this sounds a bit strange, that might be because another white female on the rap scene has been taking hella guff for using the N-word. We speak, of course, of V-Nasty Kreayshawn's much-discussed crewmate whom we profiled recently.

The blogosphere has given V-Nasty near constant flack for dropping N-bombs. The condemnations she has received have been strongly worded, and they aren't just from music writers and critics; Yelawolf says he would slap V-Nasty if she used the word around him.

So what's with the double standard?

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