Liam Gallagher On His Brother Noel: "I'd Rather Eat My Own Shit Than Be In A Band With Him Again"

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Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 4:30 AM
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Oasis has been a rock radio staple since the mid-'90s. But the band came apart in 2009 when, after years of infighting, Noel Gallagher left the outfit. His brother Liam and the rest of the group have since soldiered on under the name Beady Eye.

With the release of their debut, Different Gear, Still Speeding, at the beginning of the year, Beady Eye showed they aren't trying to replicate their former sound; indeed, the quartet's new brand of stripped-down rock is looser and more ambitious than anything Oasis put out.

Ahead of Beady Eye's show this Saturday, Dec. 3 at the Wiltern, we spoke with Liam by phone. Topics discussed included Noel, Noel and, oh yeah, we talked about Noel, too. (The pair remains enmeshed in legal disputes: Noel has accused Liam of attacking him with a guitar, while Liam has sued Noel for libel.)

Since Noel left the band, it seems like there's been a lot more harmony between the four of you. Has this been reflected in the band's live shows?

I'd say so. All I think about when I go onstage is putting my head down and getting on with the music.

I don't try to think about any of the other nonsense. The gaps are short between each song -- that's the big difference. Noel used to tune up for nine hours and kill the vibe as far as I'm concerned. But now we don't tune and get straight into it and it's very good, like proper geezers.

Why did you guys choose to play smaller venues?

We've only got one album and we're a new band still. The big thing is we're not playing Oasis songs. If we were, the venues would probably be a little bit bigger. But no one there [in the United States] has heard our music yet.

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