Top Five Rappers In Absolutely Ridiculous Sweaters

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Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 5:00 AM
click to enlarge Drake and his sweater on Saturday Night Live
  • Drake and his sweater on Saturday Night Live

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The young rap billionaire Drake has a new album out this week. It's probably fantastic! But more important than any critical assessment of his music, it's another opportunity for Drake to assert his commitment to the bemusing art of wearing really awful chunky-knit sweaters.

When it comes to policing hip-hop fashion, Drake is far from alone in favoring the type of sweaters that grandmothers like to knit. In fact, on the basis of this top five round up, it seems that committing heinous sweater crimes is a must if you want to achieve mega rap stardom.

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5. Kanye West

Foppish Kanye likes to think he knows everything about fashion. But there's never an excuse for being seen out and about in a horizontally-striped sweater where two shades of pink are the predominant motif. It's a folly 'Ye himself seems to have belatedly realized, as he craftily pops the cuff of his white shirt to minimize the pink attack.

click to enlarge Snoop_Dogg_in_a_Christmas_sweater.jpg

4. Snoop

Trust the ever cheerful Snoop to get into the Chrimbo season by donning an awful Christmas sweater that just so happens to feature a snowman looking suspiciously like Young Jeezy's pro-crack-selling logo. Dragging on a blunt, Snoop looks warm and snug, like he's in a post-eggnog reverie. The Santa hat is a fitting exclamation point on top of a fine festive ensemble.

click to enlarge ds_15148_exclusive1_v6.jpg

3. Jay-Z

Where young 'Ye goes, old man Jay-Z inevitably follows. So since the two have become official BFFs, Jay has become smitten with the sweater game. For a promotional appearance on the Daily Show, Jay sported a tight-fitting grey sweater that, improbably, looked like someone had rolled black paint all over it. Still, it's better than those grandpa cardigans he also insists on wearing.

click to enlarge drakesweater.JPG

2. Drake

Drake likely wasn't born when The Cosby Show's Cliff Huxtable was popularizing the chunky-knit sweater to the world. But today no one rocks more Huxtable-approved sweaters than Young Money's moody millionaire. His sweater de resistance? The grey-saturated, geometric-patterned wooly monstrosity he chose for his "Headlines" video.

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