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Ghostface Killah Changes Mind About Online Impersonator Ghostfase: 'Shout Out to My Mini Muse.... Funny Ass Ninja'

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Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 8:46 AM

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Internet junkies earned a new respect for Ghostface Killah back in March, under the illusion it was he who had conjured the brilliant and hysterical (to the point of tears) "Top 10 Softest Rappers In The Game."

But when West Coast darling Wiz Khalifa and the other teddy bears on the list started whining about disrespects, etc. -- Wiz called Ghostface "corny" on hip-hop radio and said, "He played himself, yo. Seriously. 'Cause like, we're a young generation of fans. He could possibly sell some records to those kids" -- the Wu-Tang vet took great pains to let the world know the blogger in question was a big fake.

The Clan immediately ordered the impostor's site,, taken down. And as the Soft List spiraled into viraldom elsewhere on the Internet, Ghost issued a disapproving official statement via triple-threat Twitter attack. (Or "three-ply," as Ghost-fake might word it. Gawd, that list will never stop being funny.)

  • @GhostfaceKillah via Twitter
Ironically, if the real Killah had penned the list -- all in good humor, as any rapper with any humility would have eventually understood -- it would have had just the opposite effect as Khalifa predicted. It would have made him relevant again. (Don't get us wrong: Ghostface is, and always will be, this lady blogger's No. 1 man. But how many kids you know who've given half a listen to the string of classics he's knocked out over the last few years? Big Ghost the blogger probably gets 100 hits for every album sold by his namesake.)

Not to worry, though. It was only a matter of time before rap's good-natured godfather came around.

He first started (openly) noticing the exceptional quality of his Internet mime around early summertime, when he found @BigGhostfase on Twitter. ("Yooow this twitter is Mad funny," he wrote.) A couple months later, the once-shunned blog artist even got a #FF.

And when Ghostfase's much-anticipated review of the new Drake -- Take Care, positively adored by critics of all pedigrees -- dropped last Wednesday, amused tolerance turned to awe.

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