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V-Nasty on Jail, Being Pregnant At 15, and Why Oakland Is Not Where It's At

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Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 5:30 AM
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  • Fred Harper

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[Editor's note: Our outstanding music feature this week is on V-Nasty, the controversial member of Kreayshawn's White Girl Mob known for using the n-word. It was her first interview ever, and she's completely unfiltered. These outtakes are equally amazing.]

Over fried chicken wings, greens, and a very sweet glass of iced tea at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood, V-Nasty told us her story and spoke on the overwhelmingly negative attention she's received. Much of the interview didn't make it into the print article. Here, then, are some of her most candid revelations, including hiding her pregnancy from her mother, stealing Kreayshawn's show, and why she won't take anyone to Oakland.

On meeting Kreayshawn and Lil' Debbie:

I met Kreayshawn six or seven years ago. Ever since I met her we been cool. She was living with her auntie, and one day her auntie told her to get out, and she moved in with me. She had this job 'round the corner at this ice cream place. Then one day she said she was going to Job Corps and I hid all her stuff cause I didn't want her to leave me! Then she got her GED. Yay KreayKreay.

I was gonna beat Lil' Debbie up. 'Cause stuff happpend, and she snitched. I heard about it, and I was like, uh-uh, I'm 'bout to beat her ass. Then she started kicking it with my cousins, and Natassia [Kreayshawn] started bringing her around, and I started kickin' it with her.

On her various jobs:

When I had my daughter I was working at a chocolate factory. Actually, that was a fun job, Grand Avenue Chocolates. I used to eat all the chocolate I wanted, make the chocolate. I learned a lot at that job -- retail, shipping, packaging, stocking. I had another job through my probation class. And I used to deal blackjack at parties. That was fun, too.

On drinking:

I don't like alcohol. I smoke; I sip syrup. I'll take a shot of Grey Goose or something. But I don't drink like that. When I was 12, 13, 14 I used to go to Safeway and steal alcohol every day. We used to be drunk as hell. But now it's so nasty to me.

On being pregnant at 15:

I didn't tell my mom I was pregnant. I didn't know how to be pregnant. I didn't even know you had to go to a doctor! When I was six months pregnant, I always had a hoodie on that was hella big. My mom was like, "It's summertime, why you wearing that big ass sweater?"

One day I was changing and she was like, "Are you pregnant?" She wanted me to get an abortion 'cause I told her I was four months pregnant, and we went to get it and they said it was too late. I was like, "What are we gonna do?"

I prayed every night that my baby was gonna be okay, 'cause I had been drinking alcohol and smoking weed, 'cause it wasn't reality to me, you feel me? But [my daughter] is smart as hell, that's my baby.

On relationships:

My baby daddy, uh-uh. He is a bum. Naw, he cool though. But he ain't cool like that. My boyfriend is really supportive of everything I've got going on. He don't want nothing from me. My baby daddy always like, "Oh, lemme get this."

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