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Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 12:28 PM
click to enlarge We'll tell you exactly how they make us feel
  • We'll tell you exactly how they make us feel

Who needs Snakes On A Plane when you've got a Cobra Starship? This week in his kill-yourself-hilarious column Why This Song Sucks Shea Serrano explored the slick New York band's somehow-popular single "You Make Me Feel...," proving why it blows using science and graphs. (Watch out for the Robin Williams appearance in the video.)

Also funny was this week's installment of Thoughts From A Random Black Guy, in which Odd Future's L-Boy gave us the lowdown on that time he adopted an Asian kid. (Spoiler alert: the thing goes south when the little girl gets into credit card fraud.) In other news, as related by Siran Babayan, Ozzy Osbourne is now dispensing medical advice, including how to cure your athlete's foot with cocaine.

On the live music front it was an exciting week; Lina Lecaro witnessed Tearist, MEN, and The Younger Lovers having their way with the crowd at The Smell. Molly Bergen gave us the lowdown on heartthrob Joseph Gordon-Levitt's complex new multimedia project, which he presented along with celeb guests at the Orpheum on Monday. Then there's Tom Morello, who has been entertaining Occupy folks downtown. He talked with Andrea Domanick about musicians' roles in the protest.

But while Daniel Kohn enjoyed Thursday's Foo Fighters show at the Forum, Domanick couldn't believe the restrictive photo release forms that the band (and others) are trying to get photographers to sign.

Next week look out for the Weekly's music issue. On the cover will be L.A.'s own international EDM superstar Skrillex, and in anticipation of the piece Liz Ohanesian talked to him about collaborating on a song with the members of the Doors. Guns N' Roses founding bassist Duff McKagan, meanwhile, brought us a couple of excerpts from his new memoir -- describing some of the group's first L.A. shows, on bills with glam, metal, and even cow-punk bands.

Last but not least, Rebecca Haithcoat's interview with Murs -- the most L.A. of L.A. rappers -- brought us the distressing news that his old neighborhood's violence is so bad that he doesn't feel safe there anymore; he now lives in Tucson. Come back Murs!

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