Lil B Discusses His Career Strategy: "Every day, there's something new for me. I have to be very picky and choosy what I do."

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Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 9:04 AM

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Last week we profiled Lil B's charming and super-relaxed manager, Sebastian Demian. He and B share a zen-like philosophy when it comes to wacky stuff like peace and love, and are also of like-minds about the rapper's career; they're content to let his popularity build organically, and not sign with a major label until it suits them. We spoke with B more about his development, and also about Demian.

When it comes to labels, your strategy has been to ignore the majors, since you had kind of a bad experience with The Pack on Jive, no?

Yeah, definitely, although, in learning this stuff, I definitely never regret nothing, because I'm happy. I've got a unique situation. I just try to continue to build. I have full control.

So, you don't exactly describe Demian as your manager, is that right?

I don't really have no manager, but he's my closest to anything, my gateway. If you want to get to me, you gotta holler at Sebastian. We rock it. He's been going hard. He's really artistic. He has such a rich artist background in general.

He definitely has good insight and knows what he's talking about. He's very self-contained and smart. He's super positive and uplifting, somebody like no other.

As you know, Demian is Lee "Scratch" Perry's North American tour manager. Has he introduced you two?

Yes he did. That really changed me, was such an amazing experience, something powerful.

You're so unorthodox in your methods when it comes to self-promotion, what with all of your MySpace pages, your book full of texts and emails, and what not. Do you think you're more difficult to manage because of that, or easier to manage?

I think...Sebastian definitely works so hard. I don't know if the task is too much for him, because he's such a hard worker. He's definitely been a help. Everybody needs a good main man they're rocking with, someone that's been putting in work. What's real is real.

Since there's no real road map for your a career like yours, how do you go about plotting your future?

I'm doing what I got to do with my plans and making history. Right now, I really have to pick and choose. Every day, there's something new for me. I have to be very picky and choosy what I do. I just have to save my energy. I got to make sure my energy is in the right places. Sebastian understands and he knows. He's on the team and helps the squad win, and that's what we're here to do.

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