Cutting-Room Floor Outtakes From Rick Ross' Amazing GQ Profile

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Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 6:00 AM

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GQ Quote: Someone has already tweeted out that Ross is going to be at the strip club. So that pump has been primed. Another of Ross's people has called ahead so that his song "Pac Man" will be playing when Ross walks in.

Line edit: Another one of Ross's people has called ahead so that a version of "No Hands" with Wale's verse edited out will be at the ready. When asked for the reasoning behind this, Ross intones, "He knows what he did." Indeed, at Houston's Wale would repeatedly ask, "Are you sure you don't want to bring any key lime pie home? Because I'm not coming back here to pick it up like last Wednesday. Not while I have to drive this motherfucking Vespa for the rest of the month."

GQ Quote: But the website MediaTakeout uncovered a photograph of William Leonard Roberts II when he was a Florida corrections officer. Most people thought that'd be the end of his career. Freeway Ricky Ross then sued him for stealing his name. None of it mattered. Rick Ross the rapper just sold more records.

Line edit: In fact, this past Christmas, Ross actually returned to the prison at which he formerly worked and dropped off several thousand copies of unsold Erick Onasis CDs as a token of his appreciation. When reached for comment regarding giving Ross one of his first breaks as a rapper, Erick Sermon was fucking thrilled to be reached for comment.

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