The Outlawz Speak on Tupac and His Ink, Dispute The Meaning of "Thug Life"

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Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 5:00 AM

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E.D.I. Mean: I have "Thug Life" down the middle of my forearm, opposite the "Outlawz." I got that from 'Pac's line, "Thug life running through my veins so I'm strong," from "Bomb First" off of the Makaveli album. So for that reason it goes right down my vein on my left arm.

Why are there always rumors that 'Pac is still alive?

Young Noble: Because he's a legend. He's like the black Elvis, but really he's "Tupac the first." He has a cult following that loves him and appreciates him. They wish he was still here, and don't want to let him go.

When he died, did you have had any idea his legacy would still be so strong 15 years later?

Young Noble: Yeah, because he was a legend when he was living. When he passed, I knew it wasn't going to dwindle at all. To be honest, he used to say things like that when he was alive, the people would not let him rest in peace [when he was dead], that they were still going to say he was still alive. We didn't want to hear it; we said we'd die before him. Any of us would have taken a bullet for him. He was just one of those souls, sent here from God, to put inspiration in people.

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