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Henry Rollins!

Fanatics! Henry Rollins' KCRW Show Tomorrow Night: Iggy, Bowie, Boris and More

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Fri, Aug 5, 2011 at 2:49 PM

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KCRW BROADCAST #1246 for Saturday, August 6

Fanatics! I am sitting in Dulles International Airport, with a long day of travel and traffic ahead. Last night, I was at the Evens show at Fort Reno in Washington DC. What a show! I have not slept much in the last few days. I'll even out before my radio show, though. I know you're already looking past this writing to see what we have on for you. As you can see, it's another great one.

Our first hour contains some real gems. First off, we will start and end with basically the same song. As you know, Iggy's tremendous album The Idiot was a collaboration with David Bowie. Apparently Bowie had been demoing the song "Sister Midnight" for his own use. Bowie did end up using the music with different lyrics on a song called Red Money on the Lodger album. I know you know this stuff. In the middle of this Iggy/Bowie sandwich contains some excellent music. Check this fantastic compilation album To What Strange Place on the Tompkins Square label; here's a website to learn more about it. This one is not to be missed.

More Tinariwen, in response to your letters. Tom Waits covering the Ramones, Ramones covering Waits, an LP-only Fall track and after Melt-Banana, the Bowie track.

The second hour is another stack of hot tracks. If you notice, we will again be playing two Boris tracks. Boris are not only a great band, their releases keep you on your toes. There is yet another new Boris album called New Album. It contains different versions of songs that appear on their two new albums on Sargent House. Apparently, the CD and the LP have different mixes as well, and there's only 700 of the LP being released, so you better get on that if you want to score. I sent off for mine weeks ago and am still waiting. We do have the CD version though and so tomorrow night we will play two versions of the Boris song Hope. Check the below track listing to see exactly what we're doing.

Ty Segall first time on the show solo, first time for Amen Dunes and Kinski as well. Prince Rama? Never knew this music existed until I was sent this in the mail. Interesting, so we're rocking a track from it tomorrow night. This second hour is going to be a good trip.

Oh! Shameless Plug Dept.: On Tuesday, we will be announcing the pre-sale of my new book, called Occupants. We will be getting them before the stores do and worked it out with the publisher so we can get them out there asap. This is the book I have been telling you about, the photo/essay book that took me eight years to complete. If you go to soon, you will see the announcement on our store page. Also, on Sunday, I will write about it on my Dispatch page on the site. On Tuesday we release the presale thing. It will be on my site and I will also tweet the address at noonish on Tuesday. I will be signing a limited number of these when they arrive in mid September.

You've Been Warned Dept.: Next week is KCRW's fund drive. I have been working hard, writing up a bunch of crazy things to read for my show. Engineer X and I have even gone into the studio to do stuff for this. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!!

I hope you get a chance to check out the show tonight. Dig the tunes and STAY FANATIC!!! --Henry

Henry can be reached at:, or follow him on Twitter @henryrollins.

Read on for Henry's tracklisting:

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